Erin’s Control Center

Experiences in female dominance


Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet, where I will discuss my experiences in female dominance. Over the past 22 years I’ve crafted my ideal relationship with my slave husband, plus a small stable of playthings, and I’m starting this blog to share what I’ve learned over the years with others in the hopes of providing confidence and inspiration to women who aspire to dominate their partners.

When I first decided I wanted a dominant/submissive relationship, I had a difficult time getting started. I read books on female dominant relationships, but they all assumed a relationship between equals where one dominated the other in the bedroom. I was looking for a relationship that had an unequal power dynamic, both in and out of the bedroom.

Pornography can be really good for getting ideas for delicious physical torments and wicked predicaments to inflict on hapless slaves, but is really built to satisfy male fantasies, since men are the primary consumers.

Eventually I consulted with some professional dominatrixes, who let me sit in on some of their sessions. My breakthrough came when one of these ladies had the type of relationship at home that I was looking for, and we eventually became good friends. From her, I learned much about what a healthy-but-controlling relationship looks like, and from her slaves I learned what goes on in the psyche of a person who surrenders themselves completely to the control of others.

And by control I’m referring to the slave surrendering themselves both in and out of the bedroom. It’s not about catering the submissive’s fantasies of hot steamy domination (although it’s good to know what those triggers are, so I can push those buttons). Rather, it’s about the slave catering to me, serving me, making my life easier, and satisfying me in the ways I prefer, not only sexually, but in all manner of things.

That is the nature of true surrender and submission.

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